Other options for project reporting


There have been lots of remixes of my diamond pixel art and people dont change the colours but i cant report copies. Also, someone wrote on my drawing pad 'made by (their username)'. Itmakes me very annoyed! It would help if we could report project copies.


There's a discussion here about this same topic which you might like to check out http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/reporting-troubles-help/1647

I think removing the original creator's name and putting your own name isn't cool either. But sometimes people might just repost your projects because they like it and they might not be aware of Rehopping. So just take it as a sign people really like your projects if they do that :)


@t1_hopscotch Ok, thanks!


@t1_hopscotch I saw a hopscotcher who reposted two drawingpads (mine and CheerfulOwl) and wrote, made by 'their username'. I dont think that was nice because they didn't give credit to the original makers.


Yes that isn't nice :( At least the projects have your names on the project card.


Ok. This needs to be at least 20 characters.