Other Language Speakers?



Hello. This page is for anyone who speaks a different language, is an immigrant from another country that's not the one they live in now, or who just wants to learn more about each other.
What language do you speak?

  • Just English:weary:
  • I used to speak another one, but now I don't
  • Polish
  • Spanish
  • French
  • I'm studying another language
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Chinese (Traditional or Simplified)
  • Other




It might be helpful if you list the languages in their language or put a flag next to thr choice. All of the languages are listed in English. If people are from another country they might not have any idea what their language is called in English.


I know some Spanish, French, and German. I was in a class for those languages.


Everyon in here speaks English. Otherwise, they wouldn't be here


It would be easiest to participate on the forum if you speak English, but don't some people use Google Tranlslate?


@friendship2468 some people might be bilingual or trilingual and so forth, so maybe you could have it be a multiple choice poll?


I'm Japanese but I live in Belgium and go to British school!
So I can speak English and Japanese


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I speak Arabic and English