Osu! Game Collab? HELP NEEDED



Basically, I wanted to recreate osu! in Hopscotch. For those who don't know, it's a rhythm game that has four main branches:

If you know this_ game, please give me suggestions for it! And if you're willing, please help me make it!


I watch it on multiple sites when I'm bored. (I usually just hear miku)


Just make a circle that you move around to touch those ball/orb things and with music :grinning:


I can help with collab :smiley:


I want to join! :D

Has anyone on Hopscotch beaten insane centipede? I haven't! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don't play osu but it looks really hard


I want to join so badly, but….


@GysvANDRegulus but what?



He couldn't find his SAVE file.

I had to XD


@Rawrbear I get that omega flowery reference xD


I would join but I don't know what osu is​:grin:......(sorry if that offended you)


I'm super busy….
I might join as the helper who helps when people ask or just suggest stuff.


@TallAOnForum don't worry! You can still join just use the power of the Internet



Open when link is viewed!

Remember: Google is your best friend! :wink:


:sweat: I hate my memy attitude


Are there going to be multiple levels?
And the drag back and forth things (I'm a noob) have to be detecting of the circle/cursor's position, right?
Unless there are none/only one or we use clonesssssss….




@GysvANDRegulus clones are limited so say no-no to clones. Let's just have a sphere for last touch to touch the orbs


I just watched someone play it and I think I understand the concept of osu


Nice now you can join