Original Hopscotch Presidential Debate Topic!



Since Donald Trump will be president soon, I decided I will make a game! There will be a debate on who would be the better Hopscotch President! Let me explain myself! Nobody will be actually be Hopscotch President. There will be a person asking the questions and two people debating. There is a poll down there if you want to be a debater or a questionare. A debate will start once I tag the people who want to be in the debate.( will choose random people who signed up) Questionare, be there ASAP and ask questions related to Hopscotch or ask what a debater thinks about the other debater or somethin like that. ( ex. If you could make an update on Hopscotch, what would you do?) Once BOTH debaters have replied move on to next question. Plz ask 5 questions only. Debaters, be nice and have fun! It's just a game! I hope this will be filled with lols and XDs and stuff like that.
Once it's the end of the debate I will post a poll and then, VOTE! If you have a question, ask me now! Debating will start Saturday! Let the Debating commence! Idk if this will work. I hope debaters will answerASAP.

  • Click to be a questionare!
  • Click to be debater!


Votes are public.



I want to be a questioner


Yay! I will tag you tomorrow! Be there ASAP!


I have no idea what each of them do


I is a hardcor.e debater. SIGN ME UP.


Don't start debate until tomorrow.


Vote in da poll to be a debater!


Done and done!


Ok. That's fine. Tommorow night around 8:00 or 8:30 pm Central Standard Time.


Just because you don't support him doesn't mean you should say stuff like this :slight_smile:.
Some people may get offended that you said something like this (I'm saving you from showing this post to PotatoLover3, she would freak out if she saw this) and maybe you could change it a bit? Piper and I are both President Elect Donald Trump supporters.


So sorry! I didn't mean to offend anybody!


Overall....can I join? It sounds fun! I like doing things like this.


Would it work around 2:00 PM Central time? Because I won't be able to do it then...


Ahh I'm in school at that time.


You didn't offend me, don't worry :3.
Now, PotatoLover would be offended but she won't see this.


Yeah, just put your vote on who you want to be.


Same here, but I don't pay attention. :3


I think Saturday would be good . Don't ya think?


I could do it at any time! I go to bed at 21:00, which would be 20:00 for you guys (8:00) but anything before that would be great :D.


Well nvm now xD.
Saturday sounds great, good idea.