Origin of Hopscotch


From where did Hopscotch get the shape of its programming blocks from?


I don't really know actually, THT (the hopscotch team) must have made it, but I don't know :sweat_smile:


First it was to help girls code but then it was for everyone. THT wanted to help kids learn to code. Most people found HS from a thing from Hour Of Code


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You might want to check out this topic.

No history but theres some pictures i found in the net that was 3 years old.

p.s. I was there at that era of HS


Wow! It's amazing how far hopscotch has come


Hopscotch was inspired by Scratch. :slight_smile:


I don't know. But there's a website called "Hour Of Code", and that's drag-and-drop blocks, maybe they got it from there. Let's tag some experts.



Both Hopscotch and Hour of Code took inspiration from Scratch, which is an academic initiative from the MIT to create a simple programming language for kids.