Origami Collab Tryouts



This is to all the origami lovers out there...

I was thinking about making an account on Hopscotch completely dedicated to origami. This would be more of a free form collab without the pressure of being rushed. And, you don't have to be a master coder either. We could make tutorials, drawings of origami models, and even make a virtual folding experience on Hopscotch. We will also host challenges. If you would like to join the collab account, please fill out the form below.

Origami Collab Form
Hopscotch Username:
1. On a scale of 1-10, how much do you enjoy doing origami?
2. What would be something you could offer to the collab? (This doesn't have to be coding related, it could be an idea.)
3. Take a picture of one of your favorite origami pieces you've made. Or if you're on a school Ipad, give the name of your favorite origami model.

Best luck to all origami lovers out there! More info will be posted soon!


I don't know, maybe artistic creativity?
I don't take pictures, and don't forget about the people with school iPads you're excluding!


Oops! I'll fix that.


I love origami but I can't get out of my account :relieved:....


If you want you can offer ideas instead of doing the coding.


Umm sure!


Sees topic
happiness meter increases 10 fold


I'm in :D

I might be able to make a origami game!
Got no idea, but the most complex projects I have folded are the Fiery Dragon by Kade Chan. And ended up making over 1000 models XD (I am not even kidding)

Here is a link to my origami YouTube Channel, I have designed all the stuff on there :D

Sorry if I am boasting, I am just extremely happy to find more people who make origami!




Cool! (Sorry Ive never heard of it but it sounds awesome!)


I'm considering subscribing so then we could use images to code! I'll create a project with all the images and then everyone could remix and help make the game


wow nice origami!