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Hello everyone!
This is the Official Third Hopscotch Summer Contest! Anyone can enter, and you don’t need to notify us in advance. Just post your project into the Summer Contest category on HS. You can enter a coded project, or an art project, or both! Both are judged separately and have separate prizes. You can also become a judge or host if you want, but you won’t win anything.

Welcome to the Third Annual Hopscotch Summer Contest!

Theme: Summer and/or winter.

Rules/General Info:
-Project cannot be more than one week old from the starting week
-Submitting is a lot easier this year! Just put the project in the Summer Contest channel! Any updates to your project, just repost them in there!
-The contest starts June 27th and ends August 5th
-One submission per person, per category

Judging Coded Projects Criteria:
The judges can assign up to:

30 points for graphics and design.
20 points for problem solving and creativity in the code.
20 points for organized, clutter-free code.
30 points for connection to the theme. (Creative connections are encouraged)

This leads to a grand total of 100 points.

Judging Art Projects Criteria:
The judges can assign up to:

30 points for the look and design.
20 points for use of seasonal colors.
20 points for overall creativity in your piece of artwork.
30 points for connection to the theme. (Creative connections are encouraged)

This leads to a grand total of 100 points.

Coded Project Prizes:

1st place:
• Featured Project(By THT)
•Custom Forum Title Of Your Choice

2nd place:
• Featured (By THT)
•Custom Forum Title Of Your Choice

3rd place:
• Featured(By THT)
•Custom Forum Title Of Your Choice

Art Project Prizes:

1st place:

2nd place:

3rd place:

Coded Project Prizes from the Community

None yet

Art Project Prizes from the Community

None yet

June 27th to August 5th 2018.

How to enter:

Once you are done with the project, post it in the SummerContest category. All the links will be turned into us when we begin judging. If you want to post an update, just publish it again in the same category!

Other notes:

  • You may work in a collab of up to 3 people
  • You may enter a project that you’ve made recently.
  • You may continue to update your project and resubmit a link until the end date.
  • You may enter only one project per category, meaning that you can enter one coded project, and one art project
  • Collab prizes have to be decided on and split up after you submit your project
  • No art collabs of any kind
  • You can’t work in a collab and solo and submit in the same category

For inspiration, here are the top three of the first two annual contests: (The best of the best :open_mouth:)

1st in 2016:

2nd in 2016:

3rd in 2016:

1st in 2017:

2nd in 2017:

3rd in 2017

Judges will judge all the projects starting after August 5th. If you aren’t active on the forum we might kick you out of the judging group. We will need a maximum of 15-20 judges, because we are getting a lot more projects this year.



Hosts help organize the contest, and also anyone who needs help with turning in their project, or if someone has a question about the rules. We need a maximum of 7-10 judges this year. If you aren’t active, you might get kicked out of the hosting group.




Above post is really good!!


One question: am I allowed to start coding now and just make sure it isn’t finished until June 27th?


Yeah, if you keep updating it


Woohoooooooo!!! Finally almost Summer and were already getting ready for challenges


That draft is great! I think that you don’t need to change anything unless there is any changes or news regarding the voting system or the organization.


Well we changed a few things this year.


Ok I will be updating the announcement, with all the feedback from Liza


I’m sorry, but here’s the most revised, up-to-date version.


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