Organization for Second Annual Summer Contest


This is being organised by the community! :smiley:

This topic is thanks to @PumpkinGirl's idea :blush:

Organisation details for summer contest:

Competition details



  • A possible start date – June 20
  • A possible end date β€” August 5, September 15


  • Seasonal-based

We know not everyone lives in a part of the world where it is summer, so you can frame it around whatever season you are in, or that of another part of the world, or even just your favourite season :slight_smile:

It can be loosely based around the idea of seasons (it doesn't have to be obvious)

Other notes:

  • you may work in a collab of up to 3 people
  • you may enter a project that you've made recently (within a month before the start date, June 20)

Judging criteria:

Originality: /20
Presentation/Design: /20
Bug in code: /20
Coding: /20
Project: /20


  • Featured nomination
  • Custom forum title


Also, sign your names here if you want to host or judge so we know who wants to :
For example :



Additional judges

We seem to be pretty full with judges at the moment but if we need more, we will call on these people here :smile:

We now have groups for these:

SummerContestHosts and SummerContestJudges


This is thanks to @PumpkinGirl again, she suggested we could make a topic for the organisation part :smiley:

I know this might seem like a lot of topics

But I guess you could see it that we were using these two more for checking interest at first:

And maybe we could use this for announcing the competition later on :smiley:


Maybe put official in the title


Linking for anyone who's been interested earlier :smiley: you don't have to, just in case you were interested in signing up still :smile:


Apparently I just tagged myself.


I made a sign up sheet I a topic


Oh there's a lot of stuff, oh yeah I remember!

And I saw @Work_kids_coding wanted to make a topic too... you can do that!

Ahh too much stuff :sweat: Will try to bring it in together somewhere though...

I have to be off now everyone :wave:


Continuing the discussion from The Annual Summer Contest Take 2 (Discussion) check post 24!:

Bye have a nice day


I am interested in hosting! If I can't, then judging!


I will be pretty active over the summer and I will be interested in judging.


I would be interested in judging.


I am not gonna participate, since I won last years competition, but I would gladly host or judge. Should we put a limit to judges?


That sounds wise.


Hi! I was on the fence about judging or entering, but I've decided to judge. Thank you!


Sorry... I will be in charge of the 3D and 2D Modeling sections... Just give me a min...


@t1_hopscotch Make a signup deadline


@Sweetlina @William04GamerA @TheGreenBanana wow that's awesome! I will add your names to the top post (you can also add/remove yourself at any time)

And thanks @Work_kids_coding and @CreationsOfaNoob, I would not have thought about that :relaxed: Hmm looks like we have 8 or so judges at the moment, I wonder how many projects were entered last year?


I will go grab your post :smiley:


General topic reply: I forget it's winter here sometimes :laughing: Roughly 88% of the world's population does live in the northern hemisphere (according to the Hopscotch loading screen :stuck_out_tongue:) I mean we could call it the mid-year contest or something, but I think we mostly seem fine with calling it the annual summer contest :smiley:

Here's a possible date from Explorer_ :blush::


Hi! I saw a notification in my activity list saying that you mentioned me some where, but I don't see myself mentioned anywhere. Is this a bug with hopscotch, or am I missing something?


Oh! Yep I did mention you, that you could add your name to the top post β€” but then I edited it out because I saw you had already put your name :smiley: