OrangeScent Writing

My first writing piece on Hopscotch! Hope you enjoy!
WARNING: kinda sad, so don't hold any broken hearts accountable towards me.
This is only part one!
Tell me what you think!
On Hopscotch, it's title Yule Tide Doubts


If you get stuck I can help...


Nope I'm good, but thanks for asking! Did you like it?




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Lol yea, It's not really my type of writing either, but I was reading some sad Christmas stories, and I kind of just typed it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Wow that's really good writing. I love the words you used and the way you worded the words!!


I wrote a story on hopscotch and gave you credit. That was sad but also awesome


you should write a whole book about that! I liked it! looking forward to part two!


They're supposed to be shelters for abandoned children/children with no living relatives. That doesn't mean all orphanages are good, and that doesn't mean all are bad. It doesn't mean the children or caretakers are bad or good either. They're not executions to children... and they serve at least bread AND water, and that's at least. I don't know what your parents think or have experienced, though.
Also, @OrangeScent1, your story is SO well written! Good job!


Thanks everyone! For someone reason though, my story was reported on Hopscotch 🙁


Oh that's why I didn't see it on your acc