OrangeScent Request Express!



Ok, if you've requested on the app, chances are I haven't gotten to it yet.
I'm sorry! But ever since I made that meme template, I have a new remix practically ever minute :grimacing:
The chatting is gone, but I can't control this situation :sweat_smile:
So, if you have a request, post it here and I will probably be done with it in under an hour the request was requested
Guaranteed, or your money back :wink:
(You don't have to pay anything :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


Request for projects or drawings?


Drawings :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Projects would take a while


Draw the Hopscotch Forum, as in the actual forum, but more festive. If you can't do that, draw a curtain Santa.


How could I draw the hopscotch forum?
Like the actual website?


Yes, the website (the homepage of it).


Maybe I'll just draw the curtain Santa :sweat_smile:
What's a curtain Santa btw?


Santa in curtain form. : P Like a curtain with a beard and a Santa hat, the curtain part being the face.


Hello OrangeScent! It's really odd that I haven't asked one of my dear friends for an art request! So here is my request:
Hair: light brown and long
Eyes: ice blue/grey
Apparel: grey and pink cat hoodie only hoodie has ears no cat face
Extra: a small light brown cat anywhere! Surprise me!

Thanks Orange!!


Request.... done?
I'm sorry if it's bad, I've never had a request like that before :laughing:
Good practice tho


@VanillaOwl doing your request now!


It would be good practice if you get some more random requests.


So true!
I really want to try animal requests, but I don't want to say
Stop requesting people
Give me animals.
That's why I don't draw anime too much in real life :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@OrangeScent1 my kitties!!!

I'm in love with them!!!!


They're so cute! Could I just draw the middle one though? I can't see the other two I cant see well


@OrangeScent1 the bottom one is a second view of the middle one. Sure!!! You chose................THE FLUFFY ONE!!!!


Request DONE


@Hoppertoscotch doing your request Now!


Request DONE


Anybody else have requests?