OrangeScent Profile Pic Mix-Up!



Hey, forum community!

A lot of people are having their profile picture be the same as OrangeScent's. (@Rawrbear, @SmileyAlyssa, @Huggingfluffybear, @Follow4LikesOfficial, etc.)

I don't mean to be mean, but please change your profile picture to prevent mix-ups of who you are talking to.


Yeah it is a little confusing... Its kind of silly to have everyone have the same profile picture, but kind of annoying, too. Please don't keep that same profile picture long-term! :grimacing:


We are just doing it until orange scent sees it!


This is just a one-day prank, I think we will all change our profile pics back later. (I know I definitely will.)


Me too!


We won't! It's just a prank :stuck_out_tongue:

To... Erm....

celebrate @OrangeScent1's 2015 Project! Once she sees this, we'll change it!

@OrangeScent1 what do you have to say? (I hosted it)


I will change it soon!!


We will, once OrangeScent comes back


I will change it once OS sees it. But did you really have to say names? 🙄


You know, it says our names on our posts. Maybe this is a very good thing. It can teach to actually look at people, not their picture.


Oh wait now I know why! go change profile pic now!!




Hi it's me @OrangeScent1!


I just found out it was for a prank (in the other topic it spoke about it) and o changed it!


I shouldn't have said names...
Sorry @SmileyAlyssa.


It's OK


It's OK

Here's the whole point of it all: I am conducting a test, to se wether people pay attention to the person they are talking to, or not. it's always important. Thanks @SmileyAlyssa, @UptownStudios, @Huggingfluffybear, @Giraffedolphin26, @Rawrbear, and many others for contributing. We'll just have to stick with these avatars until OrangeScent sees, and when she does, I think she'll laugh.


She saw it guys look what she said!!!


I was actually scared out of my mind XD
Then I showed my friends and they laughed so hard


I was the leader of the whole thing

What was your reaction? XD