OrangeScent is (finally) on the Forum!


Hey Guys, I is here!! Hope I'm not too late :yum:




Welcome, @OrangeScent1! This is a place where you can share ideas, suggestions or projects related to Hopscotch. You can also answer and ask questions. Click here, or here, or here! I hope you learn more here and I hope you have fun!

(By the way, you're not late. Its never too late to join such a great forum!)


Welcome to the forum!!


Welcome to the forum, @OrangeScent1!

Go here to learn how to use the forum like a pro :slightly_smiling:


Hey OS! I'm a regular here! Ready to start?

  • Yup!
  • No



Want to know more about each one of us @OrangeScent1? Click on our profile pictures! We give you a warm welcome, old friend! (Or BFF, however you want it :wink:)

~LP :stuck_out_tongue:


Congrats! Welcome! 202020


Welcome To The Forums!


Congrats @OrangeScent1! Could I join in on you and @LotsaPizza's friendship, or no :wink:


@PopTart0219, we three could be like, the Artists! Cause everyone is saying like "next LotsaPizza or PopTart0219!" Or "can you beat out OrangeScent?" So like yeahhhhh


Hi @OrangeScent1 !
Here you can check out cool tips from the hopscotching community, ask for help and find cool stuff. Just make sure you keep on topic! :wink: Also one cool tip is to search first if you are creating a new topic. Then there won't be repeats


Could I be your friend...? :wink:


That was literally the reason why :joy:


Yes, aren't we already friends @JaszyKake? :wink:


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I got some replying to do -Tightens collar- Omg PopTart, I slap you for asking such a ridiculous question WE IS BESTIES and that artist thing sounds fun :grinning: Oh, and the meme idea came from just surfing the Internet, and I just decided to make a project with that
The More You Know :star:


Lol, thanks. Imma just making sure. I need more besties at the moment


Me, @PopTart0219 (you) and @OrangeScent1 are besties!! :grin:🤓


Can I join the group?

Yes!! Oh btw need help on uploading GIFs
Reached maximum replies, booooooo