OrangePad Polls (Not a Collab)


Ok, so I'm doing some new features and colors in the draw pad (btw not doing it because everybody else is, just because I have new HsB codes :stuck_out_tongue:)
So I'll add some polls as I go along!
First poll
What Character HSB should I add next to it?

  • Cosmic Cody
  • Jody
  • Mr. Mustache
  • Miss Chief
  • Other (already have Chillana, Cupcake, and Stargirl)


Once I get the results, if anybody would like to recieve credit and give me the HSBs for the characters I choose, please post them here. Or, if you know a way to find the HsB of any character, please tell me and you will receive credit!
This is the first poll of many, so stay tuned!


Please do Miss Chief!


I know you might not have got the results yet but if you read my post 'How to easily get secret colours' you will find a way!


Do mosquito! She's my favorite paid character


Yeah! same!


Do cosmic Cody! He has awesome colors!


Ok! The polls have spoken!
I will DEFINITELY add Cosmic Cody, maybe Miss Chief
And if I have space,
Mosquito can be added
IF I have space on the pad
Btw, @EpicLBPTime , could you tell me what your hopscotch name is so I could see the project? Thanks!


No I meant on the hopscotch forums I have msde a topic about how to get them P.S if you want my hopscocth name it is CodyMakesGames


If you want to see the details of this, see my channel OrangeScent and check out BIG ANNOUNCEMENT
Basically, I want to add some more ideas to the OrangePad!
Post your ideas on this topic on the forum, or, if you want to post it on Hopscotch, title your idea 2016OSPad


What music should I add to the pad?

  • Energetic
  • Soothing
  • Fast Paced
  • Other (list below)



hi orange scent 1, an idea is that you do it with clones of clones instead of leave a trails, so you can make the clones 3D (plz see oio's 4D4U or my remix adding the dots where you place them (sorry if to hard)(and remember to be able tochange the dots Colours :wink:)


Ran out of likes so :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


About that, there is a bug you/we/I have to solve: if you clone it too high or to low it's at the middle :p


Please walk next time! Running out of a like is dangerous!


OrangeScent I think we should have a slow natural music so some people can relax while drawing!
PS I really like your orange pad!


I think you should have a settings tab, where you can choose the type of music, turn crosshair on and off and do more stuff like that.


OrangeScent1, maybe you can add different shades of a certain color.:grinning:
Your greetings,Pizzagirl:pizza:


I say slow paced, almost inspirational music. I'm not the best drawer, (my hopscotch username is cookie48, if you want to see) however I find with slow paced music, I draw better than with fast music or none at all.