Orange is the new black


Today at school we had the best assembly ever.

Cause GUESS WHAT!! My principal starting talking about the colour orange which made me LOL and basically everyone else too.

So, share your orange art. Name it #Orangeisthenewblack and remember to remix my art pad so I see it.

People I would like to do this:
@SmilingSnowflakes @SmileyAlyssa @Mathgirl @OrangeScent1


Cool idea! I know orange was the color of our kindness day, so I automatically like orange. I can't draw very well, but I suppose I can try later.




I can do that! :slightly_smiling: I'm working on it now.
EDIT: Done!


Where do you draw it? (0//w//0)


HEY!!!!! You should make a challange! Tell people on Hopscotch to do that!!!


Lol when you said Orange I immediately thought of my username and I was like:




That sounds super awesome! :blush:
You know what goes with orange? BLUE

I'll try to draw that!


LazyLizard if you are from fl I am too...


Oops personal info but does any one have a format for a Dalek pixel...


Orange Dalek few....


Hi @DanTheDalek! Welcome to the forum! Please try to keep things on topic here. :wink: (btw, I think @LazyLizard is from South Carolina.)


Well, I am, but I don't live there. :wink:
(I'm the biggest gator fan in my current state lol)


One state up north, but I'm down south 1/2 of the time. :wink:
Now let's keep talking about orange and hopscotch!


Nah I think I like the gators more :smiley: and plus I wish I was part of the coder group anonymous


Umm coding is on topic... So anonymous could be related to illumanati and hopscotch...


Coding is related to Hopscotch, but make sure it is related to the post at the top of the topic.


Oh he I didn't understand oops *XD


Just go to my profile and remix my drawing pad anyone can do it, just say the title as #orangeisthenewblack