Option to report and block an account

Yep, it does hide it for you


Yes, because sometimes I see a remixed project of a project that needs to be reported, but I don’t want to report the remixed project because those projects belong to innocent people who are trying to stop cyber bullying. And so, when I go to the remixed username icon, and am taken to the cyber bully’s profile, and find that their profile is completely flooded with projects, and it will take a lot of scrolling to find the original project that hurt someone’s feelings. This is only one scenario in which this report profile idea would be useful. (Why’d I write this long of a reply?)

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um, yeah, I already knew that when Nobody (the user) & uwupandax had explained, I think I’d just misunderstood or smth

and, anyway, that post was like a month ago lol:)


I didn’t really want to call anyone out. But Bruenise mapping is um ya