Option To Delete Your Own Topic?



Ever have that one topic where you ask a simple question and it turns into a bloodbath or a huge fight? And you get stuck in it? Well ever think of deleting your own topic so it doesn't get flagged and turned on you? Leaders or mods can close the topic but it still can be flagged. but when there's a huge fight on your topic and it gets flagged and closed under you. before all that happens wouldn't it be nice just to be able to delete that topic and move on?
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@liza @ian you might want to see the results of the poll


If you ask a question and it's answered, there's no need to continue the discussion with pointless chat. It may take a while for a moderator to close the topic, so this is a great idea!


Yes! This would be incredibly helpful! I always hate it when I finish a topic and it just kids sits there....


wow a hundred percent vote yes


Well, if people have a the same question, it might be easier for them to just search it up to find the answer instead of creating a whole new topic.


@Kiwicute2015 but, that's like this:
There is a question and it turned to a huge fight.
Someone has the same question.
They look it up.
They see the project with the huge fight and either adds more to the fight or blocks the topic.


You could always ask a moderator to close it so the people who look at it know what will happen if they create a fight! Ok, that was just a really bad argument made by me :sweat_smile:.
But, we don't want the forum clogged up with the same topics.


@Kiwicute2015 (just making a point) OR EVEN WORSE.....Fighting topics.


I believe if you were just testing something, you have the right to delete the topic, but deleting a topic also means deleting the likes you got/gave, lowering those numbers.


omg 20 yes 100% yes this is insane


Yep! I totes agree! I used to have some junk topics, and I didn't want them to stay, so I had to turn them into something else!