Option to delete multiple drafts at once?



Should there be an option to delete multiple drafts,all at one time? Sometimes it can get a bit boring when you have like 1000’s of drafts and you have to delete a large amount of them. So,basically,you would select the drafts you want to delete,then delete them. It would take less time.


Good Idea, but I think there are already topics like this.


wait where


I remember seeing a topic that had this idea too.




I agree with that! I never delete my drafts actually, but it will be really useful for those who do. It would be really cool if we could drag the drafts to a bottom bar, like this:

I think that it would suit Hopscotch’s layout well, if THT could make so that the current bottom bar turned into something like what you can see in the example above when you pick multiple drafts. I hope that you understand the concept and that I am clear enough.


Good idea, like maybe you could delete like you’d do with photos, selecting them and deleting the selected ones?


Yess ive wanted this for ages


Why are you using your backup account?


Yes! We need this espresso! Lol and yeah I got the forum


anyway back on tøpic