Option to delete a topic?



I think we should be able to delete our own topics just in case you regret posting something. this would be very helpful to the community because instead of having to tell a moderater to delete the topic, they can delete it themselves. please comment and tell me what you think about this, please do not dissagree or i'll try edit this and make it about something else. and sorry if you think thats rude but don't flag because I have no idea how it could be mean.



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I agree
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  • yes this is a really good idea!
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I think it would be a helpful feature, but I guess if the topic has replies including some from other people, it might make things a little difficult.


Then it will delete the replies case closed.


There is now 1 to 3 strikes of changing this topic


I agree


You can d I that in Scratch if it's after twenty four hours


Yeah the replies from other people could be automatically deleted as well when the original topic creator deletes the topic. But I'm not sure if they should be because that person didn't write those replies.

I think a suggestion that would be good is what @KathrynJaneway said - being able to delete your own topics if they have no replies within the first 5 minutes of creating it.

Everyone's welcome to share their opinion even if their opinion is different to someone else's, because that's what discussions are about — hearing different aspects about an idea or issue :smile: No need to change the topic if people have different opinions since it's natural for everyone to see things differently.