Optimizations You Can Make For Your Projects! [Community-Driven]

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Optimizations You Can Make For Your Projects!

#1: Using Set Position Instead of Change X/Y

This just makes for smoother movement and it won't look stuttery. It's easy to do, just replace something like this:

with something like this:


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Number two is set pos + center

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? I’m confused…

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Y + center block

Center? What is that? Is it a beta editor block?



Idk what he’s talking about

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no, center is the center of the draft. for my ipad it is 512, 384

If you’re setting z indexes, try to make every object do it at once and not very often. Every time an object changes its z index, it has to sort all the objects in the game, so if you’re changing z indexes every frame, it will be much slower. If you do it at the same time as every other object, it will only have to sort through the objects once.


Cool topic!


set pos width/2 + num height/2 + num

Oh ok i guess, i still forget what you were talking about
Also, to clarify, optimizations in this topic do these things:

  1. Increase frames per second, or
  2. Reduce choppiness of a block
  3. Decrease time needed for something to run
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imagine you want your title screen to be above the center
combine the center custom block and the plus block to make it above
set position(Width/2, Height/2 + 100)
like this

I get it. But look at this list please:

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just lower the obj meybe
destroy unused obj but inv the ones you need
you may also use clones if needed

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