Opinions on the new update



I do not care that there is a topic like this.

Most people know that now Hopscotch on iPad looks a lot like hopsotch on iPhone. I'm sorry if this is a little offensive, but I wish the old update was back because I don't really like the iPhone way of coding in the beginning.

Also, why are there only two instruction videos that show up when I want to create a project? Is that a just a bug? Also, something tells me that THT is featuring not-so-popular people more. I'm fine with that, since it gives a chance for more people to get noticed.

And there is a big space between the 2 projects in my remix tab. (Where I put the oval)

Is that a glitch, or you just decided to add that?

Feedback on the new update:

  • I like everything about the new update
  • I dislike everything about the new update
  • I completely agree with you
  • I sorta like it and dislike it


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Ps: sorry if this update isn't very new, I haven't been here in a while.


You mean the most recent one?

I love that one!


I respect your opinion but I absolutely positively love coding the iPhone way, and I love everything about the update :D


I respect your decision too


I think the weird space there is because THT wanted to add landscape back really quickly, and decided to add it without completely removing any weird bugs that would result. If you hold it in portrait, the space will be gone.


something seems a bit wrong


Reviving this!


I think that's a little rude. We don't want to clog up the forum!

Maybe you meant well, and I read it wrong! :wink:


There are only two instruction videos at the moment because since there is a new editor, it might be a little confusing to have videos showing the older editor where you won't be able to follow along exactly with everything :wink: The two videos in there are updated for the new editor, I believe.


OHHH!!1!11! That makes so much sense now! :D


If you don't like it, everyone, make sure to be kind about it! I bet you'll get used to it and like it more.


I don't like how confuzzling it is, but I'm getting used to it and the new features are very cool! :D


Sorry, I laughed at your post. You think that's actually rude?! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: That's called polite, not disrespectful!


Oh, ok.

It just seemed like "I DO NOT CARE!!!!", you know? Sorry.




heheheheh you think I scream all the time lol



I don't get that...


We are trying to feature more people! As always, would love your help finding awesome projects from non-famous Hopscotchers!

Like @t1_hopscotch said, we thought having videos from older versions of Hopscotch would be confusing. I'm going to create a topic about videos so you guys can weigh in!


I pretty much know the update know and love it :>

But I think you should set a mode before making a project (Like that what do you want to make tab) For the editor! Thats my suggestion.... BUt now that im used to it, I like the new update :joy:

But it is a little bit more lag