Opinions on spam liking



You see, many people spam like, and yes it is a nice thing to do, but I guess this is to explain the pros and cons of it. Honestly, I spam like, sometimes, but right now, I'm just wondering: are there any disadvantages? What do you think about it (both in the app and the forum)?


-it makes people happy
-it shows appreciation
-it allows you to quickly like stuff all at once because you already know it's going to be awesome
- it can be useful to give as a prize to someone! Le XD


-it defies the point of likes; you might like a project without the quality it takes to be considered "likeable"
-it annoys some people; their activity tab keeps going off
-it might be irritating; scrolling down to see other people liking your projects may take awhile...

There's my list so far. You can add on, if you want and explain your opinion in a reply. Can't wait to see what you think.


i agree with disadvantages. we cant see our replies and mentions. for some reason, it makes me sad.


As in like the prize of __ number of likes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: