Open Topic Requests For Leaders


Right here we command certain leaders that closed topics that you want opened again. Here are mine:

@PopTart0219 please open my hacker project, because I have been hacked again and I want everyone aware. Thank you, I'm not panicking, it's just something that needs to be aware of, and I don't want to clog the community with topics like that.


Totally! Could I have a link?


You closed it though lol


Well then, I've been hacked by someone again. Once again, evidence from my Favorites menu, because I have a bunch of projects by a Hopscotcher I've never seen before. That's all I wanted to say. (Off-Topic, I tried)


Do you think you could open my Forum Fonts/tricks topic? Or does it seem to have got outta hand? Some people got flagged and it was closed.