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Feel free to give your opinion of art on Hopscotch! I do not want anyones feelings to get hurt and i do not want any flame wars. PLEASE BE NICE! :slight_smile:




Myself being an artist on Hopscotch do feel guilty about it, after all it's an app meant for coding. Because of this I've tried coding some projects, but all of them have been going up in flames recently, I'm going to keep trying though


Same. I hope to code more in the future but i dont want to exactly abandon art and just do coding on my Hopscotch account


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I love art and it's fun to share art on Hopscotch, but recently art's been getting a lot of hate. Have they ever thought about if an artist is bad at code so they try art? Like I su.ck at coding. And not to be mean to me.an to coders, but it seems like a lot of them are against art. It just kinda annoys me. Sorry if this offended you. I just wanted to get it out.


well i used to be trash too

but then i practiced

you cant be good at something if you just give up

that goes for anything


Hopscotch was made for coding. But even more than that, hopscotch was made to inspire and promote creativity in many forms. Though coding, through music, and through art.


I like art on hopscotch. But I like art on hs even more of the person codes their own drawing pad. Even though I only drew a little bit, I would always use my own drawing pads, not other people's.
I have made so many drawing pads in my hopscotch 'career'.
Trail art is another way of 'art'. It's simple but it looks cool. Even though I did mostly trail art, drawing pads, and games. I'm know for pixel art which I did twice lol.


It is, and it is something that I have been doing since I discovered how to do it. I publish a trail art project almost every day.

Trail arts can turn out really good, even if they are simple projects (I think that you are talking about trail art in the quoted sentence. There are both trail arts that is advanced and there are simple trail arts as well. I like all kinds of art on HS, and I think that we should make multiple art categories. Art can be lots of things. Here are some art projects, and it would be cool if we could have different categories for these. I wrote some category suggestions here:

(I used some of my projects for these examples, but I also used projects made by other Hopscotchers.)


I am running out of battery, I will continue adding example categories soon.


Feel free to read the discussions in these topics.

There should be plenty more of these old topics that would be helpful for you.


I think that a bit of art is okay, but we should dim down the art remixes we make since they clog up trending

Well, trail art and pixel art are okay


Without art what would be coding?


You drew? Hehe. People will probably ask me that someday.


That's a better version of what I said.


Little bit


I do both art and coding but I Code more.