Oooph! I have a lot to share! Pls come to this topic!


So, the first thing I need to say is sorry for not being on much at all! I got back on this game called Growtopia and now I'm obsessed with it. :confused: So, that's part of it. The forum just dosent seem as....pizazzy?
Also, pls reply quickly, because very soon we are leaving for a beach cottage in Canada. Actually we are already in Canada, and we have staying in a cottage with family. But now we are going to go back to our beach cottage, and the wifi there is the worst in the world. In other words, I won't be on. We are going back home on Sunday though.
Also, since for like a month I haven't been on that much, can someone tell me about anything important, any new trends and stuff like that? I need help to be caught up! And yes, I know Anynous (HOWEVER YOU SPELL IT) stepped down from leader. Uh oh I think we might be leaving.....nooooo!! Pls not yet!
Anyway I need a link to the topic where Any-whatever you know who I'm talkin about- shares his news, thanks and goodbye. Should I bring the OMTL here?


Also, I haven't on Hopscotch in forever! I haven't coded rly, since the latest update. :confused:


Here's the topic:

Have fun at your beach cottage! :smiley:


Thanks, we are leaving now! Thanks for getting the link! Here I come beach!


New trend;
Phil Perry

  1. K
  2. Have fun!
  3. Some people got suspended, Pokemon Go has spread here


Wat. Happens. When. I'm. Gone.

I legitimately have no time for forum at all!

I'm also sups sad about Anon, I loved his fun attitude, but he can still be on the forum!


Who got suspended and why? (The wifi is decent right now)




Ok thx. Was Ella in a flame war? And how can you communicate outside the forum?!


Yeah, and Ella sometimes even started flame wars :confused:
You can communicate outside the forum w/ other forumers using Google docs etc


Ask people for contacts, it's just that easy.


can you not share that...thanks​:smile:


Okay :)