Only miss the ☀️ when it starts to ❄️


Hey guys...

It'a huggingfluffybear as you can see

But like I need to tell the truth out here and be brave in this topic

So we all know the changes.

Let's pretend the mods are the sun.

So I never liked the mods.

That's the truth, so that's one thruthful thing I liked Poptart and t1.

Sometimes buildasnowman

So yep.

So now they are not mods.

There regulars.

I kind of miss them to be honest all of them.

So now the demotions are the snow.

I miss the sun now.

I wish for them to come back.

And now...

I would like to tell you.

i am sorry

Everything I have done here just seemed to be useless.

I was mean to the mods becuase I mean I guess there all kids were all kids and they didn't need to boss us around

But like now I feel like we need a boss

Without a boss are jobs would be ruined.

All of ours.

Staff is here, but are they here.

There never here.

So we have no boss.

And now I would like to present you the snowy phase...

Where once again the forums like YouTube, they add some guidelines that change it around.

Now of course not as stupid as YOURUBE HEROS YAYAAYYA WE CAN ALL BE HEROS

But all jokes aside I mean it's a hard time right now.

And that's why it's up to all of us to be a HOPSCOTCH HERO YAYAYAYAY

No ones a hero here xD I am just going to throw that out there.

But if we all work together we can make a alliance to make the forum a great place and then maybe we can have something different like the :crescent_moon: not sun, or snow.

I hope you enjoy yeh so bye.


Wow @Sweetlina just wow



I agree!

I totally agree

I miss the Sun


You liked fast xD

Also u read it that fast lol


Personally I prefer the snow to the sun but I agree with this analogy

@Madi_Hopscotch_ stalked this post. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You know you quoted from "Let Her Go" by Passenger! XD


Yes I do know that xD


It's from a song lol


Liking one post is not "stalking" :relieved:


It is when it's my post liked by Senpai :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I visit every day :slight_smile:


I looked on your website, EMOJIFY LOOKS AWESOME.