Only For SnowGirl_Studios!



Hey, @SnowGirl_Studios, sorry for making a lot of topics for you. I know I have made a lot. But, I don't want you to get mad or anything. Anyways, it seems like you are trying to avoid our collab. If I ask you to go onto the Collab account, you just say an excuse, I am not blaming you. You say your iPad is dead, but you create new topics all the time. I know I'm sounding complicated. I just feel like you're trying to avoid you're Collab. I feel as if you don't like me, as if I'm a horrible person, just annoying you by asking questions. I feel like you don't want to be coding partners. I know that it was hard deciding between me and @Mathgirl. Maybe you want to be coding partners with someone else instead. I just feel lonely on the Hopscotch account. You and @Dude73 are always going on some kind of docs to talk to each other. I just feel sad, and wondering if you're avoiding our Collab, or me, even I know this sounds wierd. I'm just expressing my true feelings. Sorry if I'm sounding mean or annoying. Flag if you want, but at least reply. Please tell me how you feel.


I'm sorry if I am part of this. I don't mean to get in the way. :slight_smile:


Oh no! I never was trying to ignore you! I go on the forums with my laptop! My Ipad is really old so it takes a while to charge. Also I'm on vacation so I can't be on very often. I would never, ever trade you for another coding partner. Your AMAZING. You never annoy me with the topics or anything! If anything it makes me feel happy! I promise. As soon as I get back home, my state testing is done and stuff, I will be active on that account! I'm really sorry that I made you feel that way. It makes me feel like I let you down, and that makes me sad. I'm super sorry and I hope you can forgive me.


It's ok, I forgive you. @Dude73, you weren't a part of this. It just seemed like you guys were talking. Now I know why you always say iPad is down. I thought you were using your iPad. I'm so bad at things. I wish I have asked you.


Its okay! Mistakes happen a lot! :D


@EnchantedAnimallover, you do know when you make a topic that's called "Only for SnowGirl_Studios", it attracts more people, right? XD


lol it creates mystery :D