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Have you ever wondered if a hopscotcher was online? Well what if we had a dot next to our user, When the app is closed the dot is gray, When were on the app the dot is green. I think this would help with collabs and projects. If your wondering if you and your partner can work on the project but you don't know if there one... well just go to there name and look at the dot! If its to hard of a code maybe the user can manually change it,

Should Hopscotch add this feature?

Yes that's an amazing idea I would love it it would simplify life itself.


@SnowGirl_Studios this is an awesome idea! it would be nice if you could toggle it, like on Sky'pe (Sky'pe is bleeped??) like if you're just checking it for a minute


Maybe but people would lie and it might not work. You wouldn't know if it was true or not.


why would ppl lie? 2020


well maybe that person wouldnt want to be bothered so they would say their of so they could work in peace


@BlueBubbles yeah... But I mean if the app is closed it's automatically on offline, but if you're just checking it for a minute and don't have time to work on that collab or something you could leave it on offline, and when you open the app it'll ask you if you are online or offline so that you don't forget and you don't notice until hours later that you left it on offline, you can probably turn off that notification if you want to


This is really cool! It would make it easier! Maybe, a manual setting, and something that goes like this...

Blue=on the forum
No dot=no setting on


Great idea!


How would it detect if you were on the forum?


Manual setting :wink:. I'm not the biggest fan of the feature, but I love the idea :slightly_smiling:


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That's a great idea!! But also: if the app is closed (double tap home button, swipe up) then it's automatically set to offline


Who cares, anyway? :yum:


To @seawolfwerehorse and @SnowGirl_Studios: Then there could be a "do not disturb" mode, like on Skype! :smile:


I believe something like JavaScript could do that!


Cool idea, @SnowGirl_Studios! I'll be sure to share it with the team and add it to our list of insights. Right now, we're hard at work on the iPhone editor, but we're always thinking about new features to add. Thanks for the tip!


What if your on the forum?????


You could have a Color for that too.


@Stampys_fans automatically offline when it's completely closed

Like if you were to swipe up this