Online Multiplayer Idea

What If We Had Certain Blocks that allowed us to make servers for our games.
But Of Course With Limitations As Servers Would Cost hopscotch money so my solution to this would be a Verified Role On Hopscotch were you get if your projects are game changers for the community and only people with the verified role would get theses privileges so that they could limit the money there willing to spend.


So cloud variables?
But only for trusted users to reduce costs?


Sounds pretty cool however:

  1. Would this come in the sub?
  2. Who’d monitor the game etc?
  3. How would you determine someone as a trusted user?

Yes but the difference would be that this would allow to make mpgames like slither Io with real people or like terraria with friends while clouds veriables would be able to do that they would need to have it were they update in game.

(Also I made a concept image but it won’t let me add it)

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would you create a server to host or would the server be directly sent to hopscotc?

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  1. No it would be for people like william4gamerA or Coan Or magma pop (:pensive:) or spyguy 69 just people they trust with things that change the whole limits that we think we have

2.The game would be monitored by the creator or from the people at tht

3.If they were trusted in the forums aswell as have helped many people when they needed it and who just want to make it a better app

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It would automatically make it were A server is run on the Hopscotch systems that way a server would stay on even with the creators device off.


Great idea though

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That means


Ik I didn’t see a good way to make it though but I have seen 1 other article on this from may 19 so most credits go to them since they originally had the idea

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@Leaders Could You Close This

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