Online Connect Four Tournament - Fall 2022

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Tournament - Online Connect Four

Welcome to OCF’s first tournament in the history! Because you already know what is Online Connect Four and how to play it, i’ll straight jump in how the tournament will work.

How does this work?

Week 1: Recruiting people

During week 1, I will be recruiting people for participating and giving prizes, as well as some judges (that will then picked by discobot at the end of the week). Any joining are happening in week one - you cannot join after then.

If at the end of week 1, there are more than 32 participants, unfortunately i will let discobot pick participants :((

Week 2: Revealing the tournament organization

On week 2, I will edit the OP to reveal everyone’s prize, and ofc my prize. The judges will be picked by discobot in this topic. I will also reveal the tournament organization - who are you against in round one, two, three, etc. During this week, I will be able to play with you too so you can practice. I will be fully available 9:00pm EST to 10:00pm EST during weekdays. I also recommend you to play with your future opponents - this is for fun, after all! :))

Week 3 to 4: Tournament! (current)

Each round will last for 2 to 3 days. You and your opponent will battle for three rounds, and a judge must spectate you. If you or your opponent hasn’t been able to play together, unfortunately you both cannot move forward in the tournament :// so please be online during these weeks!

Week 5: Prize and recapitulative video

Everyone will receive their participation prizes after the tournament is done, and I will make a fast video featuring everyone’s awesome games they had!


‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍ Prizes per round Total (+past rounds)
Tournament winner +50 :seedling: 115 :seedling:
Final [1] +30 :seedling: 65 :seedling:
Semifinal [2] +20 :seedling: 35 :seedling:
Quarter-final [3] +10 :seedling: 15 :seedling:
Everyone who participate [4] 5 :seedling: 5 :seedling:

Archive: Week 1

Recruiting participants and judges. For prize donations, please tag me in the topic! (btw, thank you!)

Participant poll.
  • I will participate!

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Judge poll - you must also be a OCFT participant.
  • I’d like to judge!

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Archive: Week 2

The prizes are updated! The ultimate winner can win 115 seeds!

The judges are @Tri-Angle, @Liquid, @Dragongirl1264 @Dolphin_Blast, @Heracc, and @DogIcing. Their job is to approuve your game - who won, is there any glitch during the game, etc etc. Further information will be brought in week 3.

This week is a practice week. Feel free to play against your opponent (or anybody). I will be available 9pm to 10pm each day if you’d like to play against me.

And now, the moment everybody waited the most: revealing the tournament organization!

note: the video is outdated because changes are made on the tournament organization

Good luck and have fun practicing before the grand tournament!

Week 3 - Current

Participants information:

Judges information:

Important announcement:

  1. everyone who get to this level in the tournament will win the amont of seeds specified to the right ↩︎

  2. everyone who get to this level in the tournament will win the amont of seeds specified to the right ↩︎

  3. everyone who get to this level in the tournament will win the amont of seeds specified to the right ↩︎

  4. to be eligible, you have to play a round against your opponent. You don’t need to win to have the 5 :seedling: prize. ↩︎


taking first post for frequently asked questions :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Sounds cool! I might join the next one!


Cool, I am gonna join


When will it start?

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@Tri-Angle, for prizes, can we give them out as well? I’d really like to spamlike everyone who enters…


read the op

sure, noted!

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awesome! do the rounds last all day?


@RoadOcean too ^^^ sorry yesterday i gtg, sry if it sounded rude ://

small precision to what’s a “judge” - it’s simply someone that spectates a round and record it :)))


No worries:)

So who will I play against?
Or is it not out yet?


i suggest you to read the op, it’s not very long (titles and subtitles take a ton of empty space)


Does week 1 start now

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yes, because polls are open


so the actual tournament will be in the last week of september + the first week of october right?
just gotta make sure i have the dates correct so i can make sure i have time :))


yep - 2022-09-23T04:00:00Z2022-10-07T04:00:00Z

edit: added dates in the op


@heracc, you voted to volunteer to judge, small note that you have to participate too :grin:


ah sorry
i didnt see that part!



Seems as if I’m banned again.


you shouldnt add “@” in front of your username because the filter bans you because of possible email adress

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what? /conf

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