Online Connect 4's Official Maintenance + Update Topic

Online Connect 4’s official maintenance update topic

Because editing a project using ae’s blocks is complicated (you need to edit inside the draft and test the project out of it), during maintenances I will temporarily deny access to everyone except me. This topic keeps you track of when a maintenance starts and approximately when it ends. You will also know when you can play Online Connect 4 again and what are the new changes in the new version.

Keep track of maintenances
  • I’d like to be tagged when I publish an alert that in a few hours the game will be down
  • I’d like to be tagged the exact moment when the project will be down
  • I’d like to be tagged when we can play the project again (so the maintenance is finished)

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@Rectangle sorry for the second tag in a day - i only tag when i need to, no worries haha :steam_locomotive:


Please note this topic is not where you ask to play Online Connect 4. YCTAHH is a better place to do that :)

good question! they can both be here and on yctahh!


Cool game

(Should requests to play go in the YCTAYHCH)


@Gynn Play This now!


Cool game!


Sorry if this isn’t supposed to go here, but when I try to join a game, it always says “room doesn’t exist” or something @Tri-Angle

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yep, it’s normal:

ah oops i forgot to say under automatically entered code, that also happens when someone creates a room and then leave the browser/game


It happens when it says “person has no opponent, would you like to join?”

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yes, that’s an automatically entered code, and if you cannot join room there are two possible reason:

  1. The host has left the game and is no longer online. I have absolutely no way to detect that so no way to fix that
  2. Ae’s room id sometimes accidentally provides a seven (instead of six) digital code and i’m too lazy to adapt my algorithm to that bug

Ok thanks!

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Usually what’s supposed to happen is when the host leaves, their room is destroyed in 30 seconds, but it’s been a while since I’ve updated the multiplayer thing


yes but however i have no way to detect if a room still exist :((


OCF will down for a few minutes today


Changes I will bring:
→ Lowering the chances that the “Who’s Online?” feature glitch out
→ Quickly reordering the leaderboard
→ Fixing the “Playing with 0” bug
→ You will no longer need to open/close QuickChat each time there’s a message

(Inappropriate username update is not planed to be in this update - in fact, i’m still thinking of a efficient way to correctly regex check them)

During maintenances, you will not be able to play OCF - your access will be denied to be everybody, except me, to prevent ae’s variable code modification. Please do not even try to get in - you’ll be able to play again very soon, just be a little bit patient!

Thank you for your comprehension! :D


I can give you a RegEx I had for my CTF project that I haven’t touched in forever. And if you need to catch things like swear words, there is a way of “encoding” them so they’re not shown in the code


with an inappropriate word filter, wouldn’t those words show themselves in the code?


No, not necessarily


That could be useful for tick tack toe, could you share it?


if i “inject” the inappropriate words inside a global variable, nop

omg tysm!! that’ll help me a lot :D

so basically “inject” the string into your global variable and then use it to do the regex? or you mean a more efficient way?


:warning: OCF is down!!


Please do not play while I’m updating the project. Thank you for your patience!


OCF is updated :smiley:

You can know play OCF again! I’m sorry that this took much longer than expected - design is always a problem for me, and i took too much time on redesigning how QuickChat looks like.

Visible changes brought in this new version:
→ You will no longer need to open/close QuickChat each time there’s a message! QuickChat is directly next to your Connect Four game.
→ Changed the text “Top Players” to “Leaderboard” on main page

Bug fixes:
→ Lowered the chances that the “Who’s Online?” feature glitch out
→ Fixed the “Playing with 0” bug

Leaderboard update:
→ Quickly reordered the leaderboard. This week’s top 5 players has been noted down; they will be able to participate in the biannual Online Connect Four Tournament! :tada: