One year on the forum


So today is my official (I joined October 8th in my bio) anniversary.

The forum has changed a lot. It has changed from the happy stable environment to something kind of shaky. Arguments are occuring a lot. People are putting hate on others. But a good side is that our community is growing, so more great people are on.

But what about me?

I've changed throughout this year. I've become better (hopefully) at coding, I've helped out the community, I've become (maybe) friends with some people on the forum, and I'm becoming more mature.

I've gotten two features.

But I'm still a nothing. Like lots of other people here on the forum.

My features have come and gone like the blue sky in a place where there is mostly rain. It has always come and gone, reverting back to my original status.

I know you want to say congratulations, but don't. Give support to others. Help them grow. I'm just a nothing. I'll move on and be forgotten. Or I'll be some hated person who's caused all the bad-doings.

Help those who have waited day after day for someone to notice them.


Happy anniversary thing!


Happy one year anniversary!
Am I one of your friends?




Gud. that is what I thought


I don't deserve to be congratulated.
There is nothing to congratulate.


But you have been a gud friend with me.


Tru dat :clap:

I think I joined ten days after you?


Congrats! Are u going to do something special to celebrate it?


Congratulations! I love your projects, and I can see how much you have improved since your first day =D
Have a waffle! There's no waffle emoji? :expressionless:




Are we friends?
Anyways we should celebrate!


I mean good job!


We are friends. Deal with it.

And you're amazhang. Deal with it.

Them Features were sweg. Deal with it.

You're @MobCraft not a nobody. Deal with it.

Also. Congratuverylatetions!!


Fixed it for ya


False ಠ⌒‘ಠ

Why aren't we frens?