One year anniversary for a lot of people this August!


Hey there guys it's Huggggggggggginnggggflufffybear

And starting Agust 6th there will be a ton of anniversarys over the months!

So I think this would be a good topic to post drawings, codes, and anything!

I know this month here are the people I know getting it!


And you can say the others!

Bye, from the fluffy bear.


also, I am not loosing @BuildASnowman he joined July 30th​:grinning:


We can still congratulate him here though!:slight_smile:


Happy early anniversary people including me yay okay bye


No one has even got it yet :joy:


Mathgirl and some others have actually :D


Well, Congrats people above! You've been true patrons, helping the forum out in its early days. Hope you had a great time in this past year!

I'll dematieralize...

I never knew I could do speeches...


Woah seriously?

That's awesome!!


He joined today!

Great topic!


Oh yeah!!:slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:


Wow, as of today, I've been on the forum for a year! :smiley: :open_mouth: Who else has a forum birthday soon, and when?


On August 5th it'll be my 9 month anniversary!
Aka my one year anniversary is in about three months..

I joined later than I thought....


I'm August 7.


I have one Agust sixth!!:slight_smile:


Here I am, smoller then everyone else for once…


revives topic
I thought I was on the forum for a fair amount of time but goodness some of you have been here for a really long time
(I joined Oct 1)
Happy anniversary to those who are celebrating their first year on the forum!


Yeah...I'm getting it too I joined August 16th 2015