One Word. Collab


I am DESPARATE for a collab! I know lots of people are preoccupied, but if you would like to join, then just tell me, and I'll email you the password and username to a guest account. Or we could just make it on our accounts, then chat about it here.


What's the collab? What are you. Gonna make?


Hmmm.... In the general interest of everyone, I'll let the collab partners choose with me.


I wish I could join, but I haven't got the time! :sweat_smile:. Sorry! (Holiday stuff)


Yep, I understand! Happy holidays!


Hi, @Gilbert189
I'm sorry I haven't worked on our collab. I've been super busy, and I'm probably going to be able to resume it in January. Sry! Also we can come up with what we want to do right now, today, because I'll be in an 8 hour car ride in Sunday, where I can brainstorm.


Cool! What is your idea?


Please, anyone else want to do a collab? You can choose the project.


I'll ask opeeps. @OrangeScent1


Thanks! I don't know how many of them already have a collab, but I appreciate the effort!!:smile::smile::smile:


@Gilbert189 Heck, maybe I can put some time in!

I want to do it! /join

But I might not be on as much, .—. I'm Busy

I'm good at music and game making.


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Sweet! If it's not too much trouble, I have a couple ideas. Could you republish my newest project and make two music options? One kind of scary, and the other upbeat and happy?


Ok I'll try. How long do you want each one?


You decide, but make it catchy and not too repetitive please. Obviously it has to repeat, :joy:, but try a mix please.


Even better, you could go into. My account. Find these projects.

Happy Birthday
Sugar Plum Fairy
Scary Music Beat
Island Creator

You can select from there


Wow, Monody and Scary Music beat are awesome! Would you mind remaking the music on my project?


Sure, both of them?


Yeah, if it's not too much trouble.


K I'll try :D.