One pixel equals what?



Yes. That’s a problem.


Your measurements should almost never be stable in this situation. You measured the iPad by hand. The iPad should almost never be exactly 66.7mm or something. That’s why you round.


I wonder if there is an exact measurement in the about section on my iPad.


Also Apple is an American company, so try the measurements in inches. Brb


Oh I see.


Yes. I am also very familiar with inches.


I think if you just search up how many pixels your device has it will show the width and length of pixels and the size of your screen. from there you can get more accurate measurements of how big each pixel is


Ok cool!


Well this has been interesting but I really should stop procrastinating and do some homework. :joy: cya!


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His last words.


I said that because people will say that his last words were literally “His last words”!


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What does this mean!




I don’t understand anything.


It’s ok. What grade math are you learning?


5th, and 6th dude… why would you do this to me?