One pixel equals what?



My guess is that the measurement of one pixel is consistent across devices…


Yes, it should be.


Pixels aren’t the same size on different devices unless they are the same type of device I’m pretty sure


My iPad is 196 millimeters. (that would be 19 centimeters and 6 millimeters) and the amount of pixels across the width of the screen according to Hopscotch is 1024. We just need to figure out how much one pixel equals which is… wow, ok. One pixel appears to be 0.19141mm unless I did the math wrong. I mean, I divided 196 by 1024. Is that right?

@DECODECO @MyPizza Could you guys do that math for your device and see if you come out with the same answer?


I can do it too!


Sounds right to me! So if you had Hopscotch multiply the width and length of your screen would that equal the amount of pixels your screen has?


Yes. Of course.


Alright, please do. Measure your screen and divided it by the width of your project To get the width of your project, create a project with a set text block that is set to width (or height depending on what you measured)


That sounds right… but I don’t know… I think if we multiply width times height, we would understand how many pixels our screen has, but then again, I just don’t know.


Well… here?


Now try and measure the height and divide it by 768. If they are the same or close to the same size, that pixel measurement would be correct.


Hey, where’s the millimeters!


Sorry. I’m not metric.




Uh, didn’t get the same result as last time. Look:

149mm divided by 768p = 0.19401

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Me either in my project.


I just don’t get it. Is there even a measurement for the pixels?


0.19141 is about equal to 0.19401. They are very close! So you should round your pixel measurements to about 0.19mm per pixel.
Your measurements are correct.


Not that I know of. They’re just a measurement on their own. Pixels.


Ah, ok. Still, there doesn’t seem to be an exactly measurement.