One at a time challenge! (Drafts)



So. You have a million drafts. I suggest this challenge. First, clean out your drafts. Then, try and finish each draft. (Challenging, right?) when that is done, publish them. After that, only make one draft at a time. Makes everything easier to keep track of. (@Rodrigo@montoya@liza in drafts, could we have folders, so we could keep drafts in categories?) anyway, have fun with the challenge!


Someone put this in details please, I don't know how to get it to work.




I've been on HS since 2013 and I've tried but I cleaned out about a 6th of my drafts over 2 weeks


Folders are a great idea!! :smiley:


Folders are a great idea! And cool challenge :slight_smile:


Sounds cool! But I'm sentimental lol.

I only have like 10-13 drafts


I'm doing my challenge. Hopefully I'm successful. I have a glitch so there is a million copies of a project I publish that I can't delete, so my drafts will be really full, but whatevs


I'd really love folders!