Once school starts for moi and other stuff


1. School for me is in 3+ weeks :thumbsup:
2. Since I usually procrastinate, I'll probably be on about the same, but more in the day so :thumbsup:
3. The only problem with procrastinating is that then I feel I have to rush a lot :thumbsdown:
4. I don't make projects that often but hopefully that will change! :thumbsup:
5. If you notice, I'm trying to be more helpful :thumbsup:. That's cuz I feel like I'm too off-topic and whatnot.
6. I'm using :smiley: quite a lot for whatever reason
7. My goal is to 1. do my homework (I have a baaad record) and 2. be on HS/HSF more! Hopefully both are met
8. If possible, I'll go on HSF during school :thumbsup:
9. I don't know why I have so many points to make :stuck_out_tongue:
11. I skipped 10 because 10 is mean jk
10. Bounce will come out in September


3+ weeks? Lucky, school starts for meh the day after tomorrooooooooo!


Have fun in le schoolz


Have fun in le summerz... sigh


When does your school end?


May somethingth :P


My school starts in three or four weeks a think. We had A LOOOONG summer this year, idk why. Have fun in school!


Lol I still have 3 weeks
I still need to do my summer reading assignment lel


Omg same lol! I haven't started the reading thing yet oops :joy:


Same here :P

I also have a whole math book I didn't realize we had to do :sob::joy:

Thanks for the notices, enjoy school! I know firsthand, HW is a lot more boring than HS, but you just gotta power through it.