On Types Of Humour




Some people take certain types of humour, such as sarcasm, too far.
Here is a topic on how I think the types of humour should or shouldn't be used.

Sarcasm and irony.

Sarcasm and irony can or can't be ok, depending on how you use it. If it is inappropriate, mean, or offensive, don't. I would recommend staying away from using sarcasm here, as it can easily offend people.

Memes and GIFs.

Memes and gifs are fine, as long as they arent inappropriate or mean or you spam non-related memes and gifs.


They are fine, as long as they aren't inappropriate, mean or unrelated.


No. No. No. No. Don't even. It plagues the forum with mean stuff.

Self Defeating or Aggressive Humour.

Don't. Being mean to others is bad, being mean to yourself is bad.


They are fine, unless inappropriate, mean or unrelated.

Black Comedy and Gallows Humour.

No, as this makes bad things funny. Our forum is not for bad things like racism.

OK, that's my view on styles of humour.
Tell me if you think I should add another one and I will go research it.
Also tell me if you think I got something wrong.
I will probably edit this over time anyway.


Awesome topic Goaty! :D


Thx pix
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Perfect topic! :D
It summarizes it all up.

lol at least we don't have flame wars on how to pronounce .gif XD


Leaders, what are your opinions on this?


I am a huge fan of humor! Oh, and I love black humor!

It explains something realistic and sad in a funny way!:wink:


What about Gallows humour?

Oh. I like Sarcasm and irony the best.


I like sarcasm too! : D


Yeah, same, but this forum is for being helpful and kind.


And is spammed with memes.

R.I.P @PixelMaster64's topic. No seriosusly it got spammed with dr who gifs So he had to make another one...Which looks like it's meeting the same fate.


But I said in the thing not to spam unrelated memes, etc.
I am aware of that.


Great topic! Here's a like :hearts:!

I'd call that Self Deprecating Humour personally :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well I would call it self defeating because im completely cr... Wait isnt it you that is comple... Or should I say Komplettverrückt?


I renamed it.

I didn't make a new one lol



But still.

Thats no good.


What is gallows humor? If it's not fourm appropriate that's ok


Lol :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:!!