On The Topic Of Trending


We need to do something about trending. It is quickly changing from a code tab to an extra drawing tab that we already have. Also rising is getting very old and has no point anymore. No offense HS but this needs to be changed fast. HS is all drawing and no coding. The reason why the features aren't good anymore is because of a lack of coding. Few coders are getting featured and it is always the same few because they are the only few legit coding. HELP!

  • Trending needs to be fixed
  • Trending is fine
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What do you think about this?
Inspired by @Hitokage http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/on-the-topic-of-featured/33717?u=thatonehopscotcher


I was thinking about this!


Everyone was. This art needs to change. I mean its fine to have art, but not to have the entire topic of trending becoming just art.


My opinion on this issue of trending is leaning towards fixing it. We should make a project that inspires people to code more than draw. Also hopscotchers are leaving beacuse they are fed up of all of the drawing. I love drawing but hopscotch is a coding app. Do not be offended if you are a drawer because there are some good drawers on HS. {ahem} @SuperGirl3Acer


Im thinking that we make a small slideshow-like project to show how many cool coding tips work and show how they can easily be the most addicting game ever.


Like @Valgo , he is a good coder. He made a Geometry Dash, Landformer, and many more! He can possibly help us get this trending stuff to work out.


Yes, but one hopscotcher won't help
Remember the tree to stop bully.ing which didn't really get stopped... you can't satisfy everyone, cause some people will never stop drawing on HS. But we could try to do that.


Yeah, maybe we can teach them to create code in order to draw. Like that Clone Flame draw


Many people still code. Although it may be that they cannot draw well, people like Valgo, DylanBarrett (Dylan329), NindroidGames, CreationsofaNoob, KayKat, BlastFusion, and many others still code almost all of their projects. I do agree that there is a ton of art on trending, but most of it that I see there is pretty good. I would like most of it, but if it is on a remixed art pad, I usually do not.


Isn't there a video already on that?


I believe so? I think I remember


Hyperbole sorry


I figured, but several people code although few of them are noticed. I code because I cannot draw well on my iPad.


I code because it ends up fun to watch people enjoy something you made. Am I right?


I might start to code trail arts if i can.
I started HS through an account called BelovedIcing when they made the names for you. lol
I never drew back then, because there were no drawing pads.


Yes, sorry everyone for being a hypocrite
2 of my projects right now are drawing
I will delete them


I started out with TheAcingGamer, but now Im a loyal member of Unidonut


Trail art is a good compromise for coding and art.


A very loyal one


Notice me senpai notice me lol