On The Topic Of Featured


Hi. I think that The Featured tab, has lowered The bar for expectations lately.
As we see new projects everyday, it seems like The features are getting lamer.
I Am not saying that The projects are Bad, I Am just saying, that they are not quite feature-worthy. I see tons of brilliant projects that dont make it, and these do. A few recent features have brought me to this claim. Like The Splatoon game. I love splatoon, I Am obssesed! So when I saw this project I was very excited, but I got very disappointed when I pressed The play button, and it said "More to Come soon" it wasnt even finished! When it is, for Sure! But not when it is a WIP. Also The Pixel Art, wasnt very worthy either.

So Also, The features are getting unoticed! They are getting at maximum, 600 likes! Features used to be so popular, Now everyone is like, Oh. I Am on featured. Cool.
It used to be so powerful. Mostly because They only featured things once a week, Now they are featured everyday, which games The excitment out of The game.

Do you agree? Comment below with your opinion.

On The Topic Of Trending

I totally agree. I don't think that I deserved to be on featured with Pesky Mosquitoz, but, somehow, I did.

But please, SBYP. There are many topix like this. :slight_smile:


Actually, that was a really good game!


I know, I felt like I needed to bring it up today.


Thank you very much!


EXACTLY!!!!! Yesterday, only ONE was worthy. The splatoon was unfinished, and had controls which make it not feature worthy. I think it deserved maybe a trending. Also, my most recent feature got 700 likes in 2 weeks, so that number is a little off.


Yeah! Sorry it was just a tough estamate. The pixel art wasnt very worthtpy :confused:


Yeh and that was a remix from my pixel art pad


She said it was "her game" :confused: seems awefully suspicious....



I'm thinking about taking a break so.....


I totally agree!
I never know how to explain things, but if I do, people scold me for some reason :sweat:


Yeah, better if you make your own pixel art pad and make something out of it, like yours..


I dont really want to gossip, but she said, "I got on The front page!" Its called featured.


Not a big surprise anymore that some of my possibly feature-worthy projects didn't make it.


I saw a remix get featured


It was a remix from my pixel art pad, it shows it at the top of the featured.


I competely agree!

It's so annoying when games that don't really have a lot of effort put in get featured.

But actually, some games do get over 600... sirfrankylot made a game called "The Arcade" that has over 1000. Just saying :D


No offense to @BerryFOX, but The Calipad was Awesome, but not feature worthy.


Please stop talking about people.


Although you may think it isn't feature worthy it doesn't mean the creator does.

Although you don't mean to gossip you still are gossiping

Saying no offense doesn't make it any less offensive