On The Subject of Followers (miniature piece that used to be an april fools)


two days late but did this trick you is the question

listen i know everyone loves yelling about how followers and likes impact your life and all but,, dude,,,, it's a coding app,,,,

followers and likes are meant to encourage you, not to discourage you. likes aren't a number you compare with others', they're a sign that people honestly loved your project. followers aren't armies that one commands at their will, they're people who are honestly into your work and want to see more of your projects.

competition is fun, sure, but so is taking it more slowly. try not to turn everything into a competition, alright?

How to Check Your Number of Followers

I agree. People focus on the likes and follows even though the whole point is to have fun with coding.


I didn't really come to brag, it's just cool to see how much followers you have ;p

I still agree with you, though. I used to list my followers back then, but I don't do it anymore, because of how hard it is to keep track and I want to have better projects. These days, I just think of likes and being followed as something to encourage me.

I also really dislike seeing those projects or completely random remixes that just say "Like me/follow me plz" because most people who get a lot of followers put effort, and then someone just thinks that people will totally follow them for barely putting any effort into a message.


I agree it's taken me 2 years to get success on hopscotch, and I got that success on a collab account... Not too many people know Stepscotch, but quite abut know the ScotchHop Team


Sometimes someone is genuinely good at Hopscotch and remixes one of you projects saying "follow me" so you actually do it. (Owen(numbers))


1-look at activity
2-write entire list of activity down on paper
3-cross out activity that is not follows


I probably still would not follow them, because I don't see why a good hopscotcher would randomly remix an unnoticed hopscotcher like me's project and then just say "follow me". I have never seen it happen.

I feel like if someone is a good coder and makes good project, then they are also smart enough to not beg for likes or followers.


I agree with you @XiaoMiaoMi. However I don't think it's a good idea to use the clickbait title.


Ah, yeah, the clickbait title was really a last-minute "hey maybe a late april fools joke" decision. Sorry about that, and please know I won't use clickbait titles for topics like this in the future. ^^


-revives this-

I think we could get more people to see this, right?


I agree, we could het mor people to see this, and we should It would be good for everyone to see this (after thr clickbaity title is changed :smile:)


I put this title as a late April Fools, and after a lot of people've seen it (which has already happened), I'm changing the title (which I'm currently doing)