On and Off music button?



I'm making a project where when you press a button, music starts, but when you press another button, it turns off. Can someone help me with this?


I don't think I can, but I wanted to show you that this message came up in my remixes.

Dear OrangScent
If you are out there thanks for reading this now please can you draw a pic of what you think my username a.k.a. Pasteldoughnut101 makes you think of as a human version and draw a pic of you with a shirt like the one I have drawn here but in a better version as I know you are more experienced! Thanks for reading my request
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Aw so sweet
Will get to that soon!


Oh, the shirt is a white tank top with an orange on it


Kk thanks!
I also got this new account called
OrangeScent helper :laughing:
Idk how he/she's going to help me, but I guess all hands on deck? :stuck_out_tongue:


Put a Check Once if Block for all the Start Sound blocks, that checks if Value equals/is not equal to _. When the music starts, make sure that Check Once if block is false, and when it turns on after you turn it off, when it's true, make sure it's false too. But that's only for is not equal to. When it's equal to, make sure the Sets Values are opposite.


I think I got it, but can you show me a couple of screenshots just to be clear?


The Set Value ___ to false could be put in the music place, but I was lazy.


Thank you!
This helps a lot