OMTL User Limit Reached! -- RIP OMTL 2016-2018!



The OMTL has reached its limit of 150 users, and cannot be used to tag anyone anymore. Admins need to extend this limit in the settings. You may tag the OMTL all you want now, because no one will be notified.

If you try to tag the OMTL, a sign on the right pops up and tells you:
Warning! You mentioned @OMTL, however this group has more members than the administrator configured mention limit of 150 users. Nobody will be notified.

Amazing Pictures by @claw33 that describes the situation XD


Temporary Solution

Remove users who haven’t posted in over a year:


Second Solution

We could use a spare group, and if anyone wants to join the new OMTL, they could

@Liza @awesomeonion @Rodrigo
@POMTL @TheJonnyGamers



The State of the Forum (Feb 2018)
Hello, I'm new, guys
Hello, I'm new, guys
The State of the Forum (Jan 2018)

That’s weird, I’m not in it but, hmmmmm


Yeah, this is weird stuff :/


@OMTL hey hope you don’t mind


got no message


Strange, right!?



yeah maybe someone left?


@OMTL @OMTL Someone do something!!!


There are a bunch of people on there who haven’t been seen in years
Admins should just remove the people who haven’t been seen in over a year


That’s bad! Some people have to get out I guess.


We’ll just have to wait for Liza to change it
She might do it real quick


Hehehe @OMTL we never thought this day would come :joy:


I will be pised if all those omtl tags work after the thing is expanded


Oh man, uh oh :/ Maybe not


Temporary Solution: kick out everyone who hasn’t been active in over a year. Maybe


Yeah, that is what I was thinking
There is around 10 of them, right?


Yeh it’s gotta be at least tan (@HopscotchRemixer)


I’ll make a list and edit it above


Around 68 of them haven’t been on the forum in 2018. Even though a good bit of those 68, have been seen around November 2017, which was 2 months ago.


Yeah, so if the temporary solution isn’t enough, we can push it to 6 months, and then 3 or less