OMTL Overuse/Misuse



I got OMTL'd 8 times in the past 24 hours. This is a litt,e upsetting for me because some of them would be more appropriate for the POMTL or a custom friends group :confused:

It seems that the POMTL and friend groups are a great idea, but we need a better way to implement them


@JonnyGamer check out my general topic about Mass Tag Lists.


Yeah! I've seen that! It's pretty great!


Hmmm. I've seen that the OMTL is being misused in a different way. People are using it to tag everyone on flame wars because they are angry or upset. (I think you might've seen this happen)

I was wondering if there was any way that we could prevent this from happening. Maybe restricting the OMTL for once per topic would work and/or restricting it to be used once per day per person


I don't think I want to be on the OMTL anymore. Now that we have custom groups, I don't think we need the OMTL anymore. It is too oftenly misused and just having friend groups make more sense


What about relevant topics using the omtl

Some people don't have friend groups though, and what if there's an actual important thing?


What I can think of is major forum update/ideas would be used by the OMTL.

Competitions could be used for people who want to be in comps @CompMTL

Collabs tag lists could be used for people who are willing to join a collab @CollabMTL

Idk. Just some ideas. But there are more things made that use OMTL that shouldn't, than withbthings that are appropriate for OMTL


I like those ideas......

I think someone said this before, if someone tagged the omtl, then maybe a full list of the guidelines would pop up....

Then, of course, you could always shout at everybody who tags for things inappropriate for the omtl

But eh that's a bit harsh


Yeah, I thought of that idea. It seems like it may work as a good reminder. (Yeah, let's not shout at everyone)



Can THT do that? Edit in the list of guidelines whenever someone mentions omtl?

Or at least say it until it just gets annoying


I'm not sure if THT can edit the blue bar thing pop up. I was asking them but they haven't replied yet.

Yeah, I'm just saying:

Hey, don't use the OMTL for this, please. Thanks :+1:


Oh okay

How many times have you said that?


Once :joy:
I think I'm just gonna do that one from now on, though

It's really tough because people who've just joined have no idea how it works


Hi JonnyGamer :smile: yeah it would be great if we could edit that blue pop up to a custom message. I don't think there's a way to do that though :disappointed:


Aw, that's too bad. Hmm, maybe this topic should be pinned (or pin a different more official topic) so that everyone is able to see it on their latest section?


:blush: That's interesting, I see you feel we should make it prominent for everyone on the forum.

And yeah I can understand you might not feel like being on it anymore :relaxed:


I have an idea

I will spam like anyone who misuses the omtl on the forum and on the app
And I will literally crash their notifications with someone else

I don't think anyone actually likes getting 500 notifications when they get onto the forum


I do! XD


No, like so many till your browser crashes


What are the rules for the POMTL??