OMTL Overuse/Misuse



We need to make some serious rules and guidelines for the OMTL. Thanks to @t1_hopscotch for creating the easy shorthand, but I’ve noticed that some formers have been mis/over using it, or using it for the wrong reasons. We need a set of guidelines to show what is appropriate for an OMTL tag, and what is appropriate for a friend Tag List. Thanks

##Guidlines for the OMTL Feel free to edit

Do not overuse - Use it once per subject, and not in General Topics. For other cases, see below.

Use it in the post you want people to see - Nobody likes scrolling. Well, some people do.

Only use it for things you can contribute to - Don’t just tag for small potatoes.

Don’t tamper with the list - It’s annoying when someone messes it up.

Remove yourself if you leave - There is a limit of 150 tags, so remove yourself so you don’t waste tags

Other cases:

  • Join the @POMTL - This Tag List can be used in General Topics for new projects. People in this list are signed up to help with ideas and suggestions for said projects

  • Sign up for your own custom group with forum friends for notices in your general topic, rather than using the OMTL.

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T1's guidelines are good, but people use them in GT's for stuff other than new projects. I got one today about an inactivity notice (it was in a GT), and I got one the other day asking how should the person break HS next.


Yeah, it is kind of annoying, so we need to ad.ress about how it should work. The original rules say that it can only be used in Gerneral Topics for new projects (and a limit for 1 a month).


Doesn't the OMTL topic (and I think also the group) already have some guidelines?


I think there should be a rule for T1 to check if the reply is appropriate to tag everyone before it is posted just for future reference to prevent overuse.


Whoops! Sorry, just added the wiki edit thing


I did the poll about breaking Hopscotch. And by breaking, I mean crashing, not really breaking. Lol


OMG there needs to be a more-than-just-projects OMTL


There could be a project OMTL @POMTL for people who are interested in seeing new projects and helping improve them.

iPad (W.I.P, Need suggestions)

I like the idea of have something like a @POMTL! :grin: :smiley: I think that there should be stricter rules for the OMTL.


The @POMTL is a great idea! Maybe we could even make it more categorized (without making it to complicated). I mean, why not make more of these tag lists? Can you have sub-groups maybe?




I should add that those guidelines are thanks to @Petrichor and @PopTart0219 in the description alongside the Historical information. :smile:

I think notices in GTs seem to be more suitable for the original poster's friends. And I see a lot of people have made friend tag lists, so this gave me an idea — maybe we won't allow the OMTL in general topics and direct people to sign up for their own groups to use instead? That way, notifications more relevant for people who are interested :relaxed:

And yeah this sounds awesome! I'm not sure if categorising groups is possible but I can definitely create this.

Here we go!
Let me know about ideas for the description (and if you would like to be an owner @Houseelf87 too :blush:)


I already saw it, and somehow, I was the first to join.


Awesome! This is an amazing idea. Thanks to everyone helping in this topic!

We could also have a club OMTL for people who are able to join clubs, so then if you've joined enough clubs, you can sign off the list, and if you are looking for a club, you can get back onto it


Oh thanks a lot for adding my credits!


If there are still concerns with OMTL overuse/misuse, just keep updating.

I am able to set it so that only people inside the group can tag the group too (since if you're in the group, you will know what it is like to be tagged). It depends on people's concerns though :blush:


Hmm.. it still seems that people are using the OMTL for other things such as projects, but that may just be that they didn't know about the new rules. Would it be possible to create a PM about this and Tag everyone and close it so that I goes to the top of everyone's notification bar?


Hmm that must be frustrating, and yeah maybe they don't know about the rules. I think I have seen others notifying them that the POMTL exists so far, but I can see it might take a bit of time.

And that is interesting, I think it might work better to have a pinned topic to notify people of things — I don't know that we will use it right now, but it reminds me that it might be nice to have a community noticeboard. There we could have wikis and edit in notices that are relevant for everyone in the community. I remember trying to make one at some point :blush:


Yes! That would be great!

Once we take the time to create a full complete notice board, we could pin it