Ommmmmmgggggg I got regular!


Thank u so much:)


You need to be on for 50 days xD


Yay Congratuverylatetions!!!!!!

Also lol you get Regular when I'm close to losing it :joy:


Yeah you will. Lounge is like help with code @Ella_13


I've only been on for 17 days. I'll never reach 50!


Haha thank you and sorry about u losing regular:(


I haven't lost it yet but I'm pretty sure I will. (I have 500+ Unread :grimacing: )


U got it! U can read all those posts XD


I've been trying :joy:

Some are like 3 weeks old


Yeah, you will. I only thought you'd been on 7. It's been over two weeks...
How are you so active? Jk lol.Tbh if I didn't know when you joined I'd think you're already a regular

I'm not active xD-ThePickle

I'm Never on - @PixelMaster64 jk @KVJ
Yeah you are @ThePickle
Hi! I'm @KVJ and I hacked @ThePickle's account xD
Really? But the password is incorrect.
@thepickle was here


I gave up on my 34sonetjing unread