Ommmmmmgggggg I got regular!


Omg! I just saw this.

Thank you soooooo much for regular. This means a lot to me because I came back from a suspension and earned regular.

@BuildASnowman thank you so much!!! :):):):):):):slight_smile:

How does all the regular stuff work?


Congrats fren! You can go to the topic called "regular gym" it's where you test out your skills


Oh cool thanks!! How do I get to the regular lounge? Is that the same as regular gym?


I'm guessing that the regular gym is a topic there...


No if you want to put your topic in the lounge…well it's hard to explain


I wish I could get Regular xD
I'll never get it.


Yes u will! U r super helpful on the forum!!


I'm helpful? I was nominated for leader once. Did you do that? xD


No I didn't.... But u r helpful


I'll nominate you. :smile:


Thank you!!! I'll nominate u


Well I'm actually Member now And I'll be Regular soon, thanks to me for being very active!(I'm Member still)


YEY! Congratulations, @Ella_13! :D

Here's some stuff you can do with regular:

Edit topic titles: Click the pencil that's next to the title!

Create global edit/wiki/notepad mode posts: Click ••• at the bottom of your post, click the wrench, then click "Make wiki"!

Change your title to regular: go to preferences, click the pencil button next to "title", and select regular.

Create tags: when adding a tag to a topic, you can create a new one!

Create and enter lounge topics: when making a topic, choose "#lounge" as the category. :D


Congrats! Regular is kewl
Your kewl already so ur cooler?!?!
Qusids r bad


Does anyone know when I can get to regular? I know I'm only on for 26 days.

This might be kinda off topic, I just don't want to make another topic...


I don't really know exactly what you need to do, but I suggest reading some more topics and posts! :D


Ok, Thank you @SmilingSnowflakes!


Ok thank you!


Thank you


Congrats on da Regular :smiley: