Omg why there hackers?


This pic/message kind of says it all:

MK37C got hacked. Check out "Why Hackers and Bullies" on the forum. Look:
Hackers are sooooo annoying.... I've got an idea to solve collabs getting hacked. Create a Weebly website (make it end with so you don't pay for it) do a send me page and insute your email so you receive the message. Make sure they put their username in and a secret question ( like what Apple ID does if you change or forget the password) and then email back with the username and pass.... Also THE SAME HACKER HACKED PHASE COMPANY AND MK37C, PLEASE get them BANNED! :slightly_smiling: thanks :slightly_smiling: please all collab accounts see this and use it. Please @Rodrigo @Liza @alish @Ian see this and answer with your opinion.


Great idea. But I don't think they will fall for it once they see this.


Many people say it good and I agree... It's actually not my idea! I just saw someone (as in @Phase_Studios) do it for something else (not telling what or people will start hacking that!) so I just Tinkered the idea :wink:


look at this please:

The Hacker Did This!


I'm speechless... I'm lucky mine and my collab account wasn't there, but but... WHAT DA -swear words-!!!!!




Its Marblesmarble!


How can you confirm that? You can't just anyhow accuse someone okay?!?!


Okey you know MK37C is hacked!
I didnt nelive it so i go on the account (Did nothing bad!)
I saw an account made for hackers so i go on it and is saw that name!


I checked Marblesmarble account but nothing... Nothing at all... But cuz of that there's only one thing. It's someone from the forum. THATS one of the factors.



Wh- UNCENSOR THE NAMES OF THE VICTIMS! We MUST know the names (not password)


Marblesmarble wanna hack: Drawing Pad Collab
tun tun tûûuûn

Drawing pad collab! (no more space. Sorry!)

Hi Marblesmarble is my account but it was hacked and the hacker is pretending to be Me


nice to know that im solving the hacker!


Delete the post we dont need to share it!


Did you log in on the account?@Nas-Studio


Boy oh boy this is "scary"! I'm glad I posted this post!


Oh No!!!!!! I am the leader of the drawing collab!! :frowning:


He's just kidding, don't worry.


Yeah but there is no evidence that he is kidding.. (I'm in the middle of homework)