OMG tomorrow is the results day of the hopscotch summer contest extravaganza!



OMg tomorrow we will find out the result! I am so cited (short version of excited) I am probably not gonna win. I am just gonna sit on the side and congratulate the winner. I wonder how many people entered! Like if you are also cited!


Is this topic really necessary?


Oh I am sorry @MobCraft‚Äč:disappointed::pensive:.


I am STILL working on my project! Just need to add a few last touches;)


Better finish quick.
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They won't be announced tomorrow, they're due tomorrow!
It'll take a long time for all three judges to judge all of the amazing entries, so you'll have to wait a bit! :grimacing:
Sorry to be a party pooper. ;-;


Oh saaaad face emoji.



As others have said, they probably won't be announced tomorrow.

Tomorrow I have a reason to be excited and one to be super nervous. :grin:


Today is the end of it all.