Omg this brings back memoriesđŸ˜£


omg I remember when I made this....I made this right before I joined the forum....brings back lots of memories

please go like it bc ever since last April I have been dreaming of getting featured but I haven't so yea​:two_hearts:




If you want it featured, maybe you could nominate it in the Nominations for Featured topic? :D


a lot of people have but it hasn't yet


Nice game! But please don't beg for likes, it may actually lower your chance of getting likes.
Likes don't get you on featured anyway, but if you want, you can nominate it in the Nominations for featured topic:


oh I know I will delete that


Yes. If you beg for likes, then you probably won't get a lot.


yes I edited it


That is still begging for likes. :expressionless:


Fine. Whatever.

leaves topic


There is a nominations for featured!!!!??!!


Yup :D


You're begging for likes and features. You don't really need a topic for "This brings back memories, please put it on featured and like it everyone".

Likes also don't get projects on Featured.


Plz don't post things like that. You are not wrong but this might offend other people.:worried:


how would it offend other people


It may offend you in some way…


yea thank you @StarryDream someone actually cares abt me


I DO care about every forumer on the Forum. And…
Actually, I do see a lot of begging for likes but I never go and say "U R begging for likes!!!!" coz this may be offensive and it is not good either being offended are offending some one.:wink:


thank you @StarryDream you know how I feel


Yep! One of my life rule is try to not offend anyone at any point.:wink:


Dis topeek also bwings back memories...